Being an SEO expert or online marketer, requires you to understand more about different Google tools for SEO. The best part about these online tools is that they can help you collect important data related to websites or search engine. By using these tools, you can easily execute your online marketing efforts in a positive ways and achieve exceptional results. Let us try to understand more about some majorly used Google tools for SEO.

Google analytics

  • If you really wish to optimize your website, then one of the most crucial aspects is to gather information about the keywords, incoming traffic and other aspects that can help you increase sales and conversion rates. Currently, Google Analytics is one of the most widely used website analytics service all over the world. The funnel visualization features help in identifying poorly performing pages and you can also keep a check on the visitor data, for how long they stayed on your website and the geographical area which they belong. All this information can prove to be of immense help and you can easily improve your website’s visibility, content and marketing which results in higher conversion rates and profitability.

Google webmaster

Google Webmaster is one of the most widely used software tools all over the world. The best thing about webmaster is that it helps you in analyzing the key website metrics. You are also able to find website related issues and can take swift action as per the requirement. Here are some of the major functions of the Webmaster:

  • You can easily find out if your website is manually penalized
  • Crawling issues as well as broken links can be easily identified
  • Indexed pages can be found
  • Structured data or robots.txt file can be tested

The most interesting part is that using of this tool is absolutely free and all you need is your Gmail id and password for logging in.

Google Adwords

  • This amazing service called as Google Adwords is one of the best online resources that can be utilized for online promotion and advertisement of a brand, product or service. With the help of this service you can place your advertisements on the websites and even run successful online promotion campaigns. You can make full use of Google Adwords for Pay Per Click campaigns, Cost per click campaigns, remarketing and rich banner ads.

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