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“Ricky was an amazing person to work with. Our idea was built from scratch by him and his team. His greatest quality is that he puts heart into his work and will do whatever it takes to get what we asked done. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him. I would strongly encourage anyone with an idea to start out with Ricky. He will build your idea into something amazing and will be more patient than most developers.”

Michael Cunningham

Single Reviews

“Excellent contractor- reliable, great communication and committed to the project. Will definitely hire again for any similar projects. I recommend him highly!”

 Kelly Mackie

“Sunny, Ricky and this team members are very professional developers working with confidence and reliability. Highly recommended team to work with!”

 Brendon Hitchinson

“Great work. Brought the website to the first page. I wish there were regular reports sent about the work done and the keywords rankings!”

 Stanislav Dreval