Creating a mobile app is one of the best things that can be done. However, the real challenge is to market that app and make it more popular. Though there are many different mediums that are available for promotion of the apps, but you must choose the best one for marketing your app. Let us try to find more about app marketing strategies, so that you can use them and create a good market base.

Creating a microsite or a blog can prove to beneficial

One of the best ways to follow is to create a microsite or a blog. For that, you can use WordPress. You can create one or more pages and discuss about the app that you have developed. It is good if you can put interesting pictures and videos of your app on that microsite, so that more and more people like it. Apart from this option, you can also go for a teaser website. There are many online mediums that can be used for creating a wonderful teaser website. You can also attach the blog to your website and promote it across different online channels and platforms.

Social media can play a crucial role in your app’s success

The best part is that social media is free and you can use different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for promoting your app. Create Facebook pages and Twitter handles with latest information about your app and promote all this across the internet.  You should also make sure that the social media content is updated on a regular basis so that visitors can have updated information about your app.

You need to create curiosity about your app

There are many paid mediums that can be utilized such as in-apps ads for creating a curiosity about your app. You can seek help from professional online marketing companies and tell them about your exact requirement. These professional companies have a team of online marketing experts and with their experience and dedication they can easily promote your app to a large section of the audience.

Promotional pricing offers can create a positive effect

In order to grab that initial attention, it is always good to give some sort of promotional pricing offer. You can price your apps in such a way that maximum people like such offer. You can even give your customers with initial free downloads. This is one of the best ways to grab viewer’s attention and there are complete chances that you will be able to get maximum success.

You can also collect potential customer’s email ids and then later send them promotional emails with attractive offers. Though this process can consume some time, but the results are going to be best. The way smart phone sales are rising, the demand for user friendly and flexible mobile apps will also rise. Currently, iOS and Android development services  are two major platforms on which smart phone apps are being developed.