Search engine optimization is continuously evolving, so we need to follow the updated trends. If you are a businessman then you have to depend highly on the online presence to  attract the customers. Hence it is more important to pay attention to the upcoming trends.In recent times, for a successful SEO strategy one has to incorporate quality link building, quality content and an attractive design, mobile optimization, Social media integration. Now it’s time to follow these strategies that helps to get the top ranking in the major search engines.

  • 3 pillars of SEO

Effective SEO has three pillars- links, content and social media. There is a strong relationship between these three pillars.

  1. Content should focus on the audience needs and requirements, so that it can generate more traffic to the website.
  2. Social media techniques help to reach thousands of the customers online.
  3. High quality links prove your website’s trustworthiness.
  • Uprising content marketing

Content market is progressively increasing from 2013 till date. Top brands also require to say about their products and services. Hence, this trend is becoming popular to effectively target their audience and generating a higher return on investment.

  • Mobile optimization

Nowadays it is difficult to rank your website without mobile optimization because most of the people are using smartphones. This includes both a responsive design and a mobile content strategy. It targets to the context, needs and behavior of the mobile users.

  • Build a brand name

Building a brand name is more important than building links. It plays an important role in SEO and generating traffic towards the website.

  • Role of social media

Social media, especially Google plus plays an integrated role in SEO. If you are not using a strong Social media technique or strategy, then you have to use Google plus to share your content. Social media is one of the matured point that help to intersect with SEO that help to increase the search rankings.

Hope all these points help you in developing the plan for the business. But be sure to maintain balance and integration. Invest in all the key areas and help them to support each other. Customize your SEO plan with Ambika Software Technologies and get assured targeted results. It is an India based company which offers seo services in Chandigarh. The professional team of the company uses  innovative techniques and strategies that help to achieve extra- ordinary results.