If we talk about Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin in detail, then it can be explained that both of these are launched by Google for penalizing the websites which do not follow the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. There are many website owners who opt for black hat SEO techniques and try to bring in more traffic by unfair means.

Panda Algorithm

  • Google’s Panda algorithm was released in 2011 and it started down ranking the websites which provided poor and low user experience. Since then there have been many updates for this algorithm that have been launched.

Penguin Algorithm

  • Google penguin Algorithm came in the year 2012 and it targeted those websites which manipulated the number of links that are pointed towards the website.

How to save your website from the penalties imposed by panda and Penguin?

There are few good ways that can be followed and your website can be saved from these penalties

  • The first and the foremost way is to create high quality content. Always make sure genuine, original and well written content is posted on the website.
  • The second main step is to make sure that you identify fake links pointed towards your website with the help of webmaster tools. Contact the webmaster and tell them to remove bad links.
  • After posting original content and removing the bad links seek help from social media and promote your website on social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Just, simply follow these above mentioned tested tips and you will see a major jump in your website’s search engine ranking.