The Role of Quality Assurance and Testing During Software Development

Though the modern day technology has become much more advanced but the software development is still facing uphill task of meeting with quality standards as well as budget constraints. There is an urgent need to develop software which is error free and runs smoothly on various platforms. In order to achieve this quality assurance […]

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Six Months Industrial Training

Ambika Software Technologies is a leading development company and in process of enhancement we have started paid industrial training for Engineering Students who is doing MCA, B-Tech etc.
We have started training in following streams:

Dot Net
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization

Interested candidate can email us at or can call me at 0172-4002378

How to Improve Product Ad Position in Google

When people search online to buy things, they are interested in more relevant results. Most of the people prefer to buy from the ads that appear higher in paid search results. If you want to get more clicks on your ad, you must make your ad Google friendly so that it can compete with […]

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Latest SEO Trends That Every Businessman Should Know

Search engine optimization is continuously evolving, so we need to follow the updated trends. If you are a businessman then you have to depend highly on the online presence to  attract the customers. Hence it is more important to pay attention to the upcoming trends.In recent times, for a successful SEO strategy one has […]

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How Google Penalizes Website From its Algorithm

If we talk about Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin in detail, then it can be explained that both of these are launched by Google for penalizing the websites which do not follow the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. There are many website owners who opt for black hat SEO techniques and try to bring in more […]

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    Things to Consider Before Hiring Cheap IPhone Development Services in India

Things to Consider Before Hiring Cheap IPhone Development Services in India

In a recent survey done by a marketing agency, it has been found out that Apple is one of the most trusted brands on this planet. Earlier it was Coca-Cola but the demand for advanced smart phones has placed Apple on the top spot. In the same way, the demand for iOS based apps […]

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Tips To Drive Traffic To The website Via Social Media

Every businessman wants to expand his business. People are adopting different ways to bring customers towards their business. Nowadays social media marketing helps a lot to increase traffic to  the website. Most of the small businesses rely on their websites for advertising purposes, that drive traffic to the website.  Social media proves an advantage […]

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Importance of Website Designing and Development Services

Nowadays, the internet plays an important role in every field, be it our business or personal use. An online presence of every business gives more exposure to the business. It can increase the chances of success in  any business. For the last few years, there has been a growing demand for online business, hence […]

Web Development Industrial Training in Ambika

In the present day’s world, one of the  hottest topics of discussion is technology. These days everybody can be seen talking about latest technological inventions, new softwares are being launched, apps are being rolled out. In fact, humans are becoming so much dependent on technology that a day will come when everything will be […]

Tips and Tricks to Make an SEO Friendly Website Design

The design of the website is one of the most important thing as it gives the first impression on the minds of potential clients. Move over, with increasing trends of online shopping, every business requires an online presence to reach the maximum number of clients. But building a website is not enough, you need […]

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